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I am a watch enthusiast with a very eclectic taste for vintage retro watches which are mainly from the 70s.  Quite often these watches are overlooked or considered by collectors in favour of more conventional styles like dive watches.  My collection consists of mainly Seiko but there are a few other brands.  I also like original LED watches. These have become rarer to find in good working condition. I have learnt how to restore Seikos back to very good original condition. From the cases & bracelets and now I can do some basic movement servicing and repairs. To be able to take a beaten up non running watch and restore it is very satisfying.  I am just a hobbyist and completely self taught but I will offer advise to anyone who might want it. I also have some YouTube Videos that you will find on the videos page of my site.   Please browse the site content and feel free to email any questions & comments.  

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