I have been looking for one of these watches to come up for a while now as it is very retro.  The Seiko 6309-8070. When this arrived it was in worse condition than I anticipated however the dial was good and the case can be restored. I had already ordered a new crystal for it which was only £4!  when I opened the case up though it was not what I expected, the movement in it was a 6119 and missing many components too. Removing the hands and dial I found it also had the wrong day /Date wheels meaning the day/date display at 6 o’clock the numbers would be not displayed vertically. No chance of finding a replacement for those… or is there…  yes I managed to find another donor which had a bad dial but the right day date. Also had the right movement all be it no running and the right caseback. 

The next update will be the finished watch. 

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