On this page you will find my photo sequences for the disassembly of some common vintage Seiko movements.  I can’t say I am doing it in the “correct” order if there is such a thing as I am not a professional just a mere hobbyist.  I always start with the calendar side and then move to the movement size afterwards.  If you took the movement side apart first you would have difficulty  in removing the centre wheel as it is held in place by the cannon pinion.  I will be adding more movements as I go along.   



Here is the service manual for a Seiko 7019A movement.  There is two links here. Both only show the calendar side.  For the motion side I suggest you follow a 7009 or similar as they all follow the same pattern. 


Download links : Seiko 7019A manual

Download Other manual: Seiko 7019A Colour manual


These are my disassembly photos for a 6309A which can be used for reference when rebuilding. 

The Seiko Service Sheet can be downloaded here. Colour Service Sheet

An alternative service sheet with a parts list can be downloaded here. 6309A


Here are the photos for a 6106 movement showing each part as the movement is disassembled.

A service a manual can be downloaded here: Seiko 6106 Manual 


Here you can find the official parts list from the 7025 datasheet. Unfortunately I cant find the full service manual 

so if you download the 7005A manual this is practically the same movement. 

Download here: Seiko 7025A parts List 


Here is the Seiko service manual for a 7005A movement.  

Download link here:


Here is the Seiko Service manual for a 7S26A movement. 

Download link here:

Seiko 7S26 / 36C version FULL Service manual 



Here are download links to some useful Service manuals and guides for the 6139. There is no specific guide for the 6139B as the differences in movement are minor.

Seiko 6139A Technical Service Guide: Seiko 6139A Service Guide (In Colour)

Seiko 6139 “Pollys” guide, this helped me on my first attempt: Pollys 6139 Guide

Seiko Official 6138-6139 Repair Manual:

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