On this page you will find all my other watches that do not fall into the retro or vintage category. Still some very interesting pieces that are always in rotation along with my others. There seems to be no end to this watch collecting hobby!


I had always wanted a skeleton watch and I found this one second hand on eBay.  Paired it with a nice genuine sharkskin strap to complete the look.  This is a Chinese Rotary however I think it is very nice on the eye.



This was my father-in-laws Rotary watch.  My wife bought him this a few years back and in many ways sparked my interest in automatics due to its display caseback.   Sadly my father-in-law is no longer with us but we found this in his possessions and it had a broken crystal. So to remember him by I got a new one fitted. This is a lovely watch in real life, classic, elegant and very dressy.   I only wear this on occasions to remember him.  


Here is my Dimetron Super Flat. This is a Swiss watch with a EB8800 pin lever escape movement.  This was in a large job lot of old watches I bought and was also a surprise find.  I really like the font used for the numbers and lettering. The watch was not running and on inspection the hair spring was out of centricity.  I have never been very good at hair spring adjustment but I had nothing to lose so gave it an hour of tweaking.  finally got it looking good and fitted it back in  and to my surprise and relief the movement started to run again.  It is now keeping reasonable time for an old pin lever. 


Here  I have a Swiss made Rotary from sometime in the 80s.  It is a close copy / homage to the iconic Rolex Datejust.  This is the reason I bought it and was one of my early pieces in my collection.  I always liked the look but would never afford or want to purchase a datejust so this was the best option for me.  When I wear it its very comfortable due to the jubilee bracelet.   This is a quartz watch which is all about a look rather than substance. 




This is a lovely Longines 284 I think possibly from the 60s.  This one required allot of work to get it running again. It arrived to me full of oil, and I mean full!   allot of hours and also the help of a professional was needed to repair the parts that I could not.   I have written a full blog on the work that was carried out on this watch so if yo would like to read that then please click this link.  https://myretrowatches.com/longines-284/



This is a grail watch for me, the Bulova Accutron 214.  The engineering inside this is astonishing.  Made in the 60s these were one of the first electronic watches and encompassed a large proportion of mechanical parts for the watch to operate.  It runs on a tuning fork! the electronics make the fork vibrate at a certain frequency that  can be turned into a known timing. The Accuron gets its name from its ability to be extremely accurate over a long period.  These watches also have the most smooth tick in the business.  Many Rolexes beat at 6 beats per second to produce a smooth tick, this Accutron beats over 300 per second due to the technology in a component called the index wheel. at 2.4mm diameter it as over 300 teeth.  This watch was given to me by a friend as it did not work.  I could not fix it despite many attempts, however one night I decided to take one last look and removed the dial and hands and suddenly it sprung into life! it has not stopped since!

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