On this page I have linked pages of other sites that I have found very useful in gathering knowledge on watches, movements and restorations.  I have also linked sites where to source some original parts and consumables from. 

Retro & Vintage Watches & Restorations

This is my Facebook Group called Retro & Vintage Watches & Restorations. Post your daily wear  or ask for advise. The group has grown very fast in the short time is has been live with well over 2000 + members from all over the globe.  We have watch lovers, tinkerers and many professionals within the mix, so if you have a problem with a watch and want to seek help and support this group is the place to ask or if you just want to see more watch content or show your own collections off then please come and join. 

My Retro Watches (Youtube) 

This is a link to my own YouTube Channel.  On this channel I have made videos showing you the techniques I use for restoring cases to full disassembly & reassembly of vintage Seiko’s.  Step by step. My aim is to help and inspire others into picking up tools and having a go for themselves.

Please show some support by subscribing to my channel. Thanks

My Retro Watches YouTube

My Retro watches 

Instagram page. Here you will find my daily wear photos and other interesting retro watch content. Click and subscribe to my channel. 


Wrist Sushi 

Wrist Sushi is an online forum for Japanese made watches.  Here you will find a wealth of knowledgeable horologists who are only too happy to share with you their expertise.  A very friendly group and has been invaluable to me and it was from this group alone that I received encouragement and help to disassemble & reassemble  a movement for the first time.  Well worth joining this group. 

Seiko Passion

This is a Facebook group worldwide community that is dedicated to Seiko watches. If you want inspiration for a new watch or just want some advise or to show your own watches off then this is the place. Group has 10,000 members and continually growing.   Post your Seiko’s on there and join in the fun!

Seiko Passion

Vintage Digital Watches Facebook Group

This is a Facebook group dedicated to vintage digital watches.  A fantastic resource for this subject.  You can find help and support for watches you might have trouble with.  You can get inspired by the posts from other members watches or just post your own. Facebook groups are a great way to get in touch to a worldwide audience on watches instantly. 

I highly recommend this group. 

Vintage Digital Watches

Vintage Digital Watches (YouTube) 

What a great channel this is! if you like digital watches or want to learn more about how they work or how to fix them then this is the channel for you.  Very well produced videos and highly informative.  I have also got to know the gentleman who is very helpful too. 

Please subscribe and show your support to his channel.

Vintage Digital Watches YouTube

Cousins UK 

This is a UK based company that I believe will ship worldwide. They are a watch part & consumables retailer and have been invaluable to me in my quest for Seiko parts.  You can search by case reference or movement number to find parts required.  Of course with all vintage watches it is a lottery if they still have parts but the do have a good selection.  

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