On this page you will find some of my other brands of retro designed watches.  You will also see some of my original 1970s red LED Watches and some mechanical Jump Hour watches.  I really like the idea of the jump hour, at the time people were buying the new LCD digital watches so tradition watchmakers decided to make a mechanical version so the display would read as a digital! Jump hour type watches were around long before digital but it seems the early 70s this was the trend.  

I really like LED watches which in themselves are an important part of horological history. They were only around for a very short time before LCD took over. LED was very power hungry hence having to press the button to reveal the time. The invention of LCD screens with low power consumption was the death of the LED.  I find it surprising that there are so many left out there still functioning as they were not designed to last over 40 years especially when you look at how fragile some of the modules can be. 

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This is my Omega Seamaster Cosmic from 1969. Not so retro in design but retro in name!  I won this in an auction and it needed a service a new stem and crystal. I sent this one away to be done professionally.  Very happy indeed with the end result. 

I have put it on a matching lizard leather strap. I really like this piece and is definitely a keeper.



Now this is what you call a retro watch! look at that case design impossibly angular!  what is not to love about such a futuristic look. 

I know little of this watch other than the previous owner picked it up in Peru. Looking closely at it it looks like the dial has been repainted and I can find on mention of Atrex watches online.  I am guessing this is a redial Frankenstein watch. Its a manual wind and it keeps very good time. 

All that said its an amazing piece to own, a true one off.  



This is a really interesting watch and shows how watchmakers were changing the way they made and designed watches.  This is an electric watch. It is powered by a battery instead of using a main-spring however the watch timing is still controlled by using a conventional balance wheel. I don’t know the history of these types of movements but I am guessing they are the precursor to quartz movements. 

This watch was kindly donated to me by a fellow watch enthusiast as he thought I would appreciate it as the design is still very retro.   



The Straton Syncro is a brand new watch with a very 70s driving inspired retro design. This is only the second watch I have bought from brand new and I think the reasons are clear as to why.  Straton is a Kickstarter company with excellent customer service and amazing designs.  This watch is a meca-quartz movement that delivers the accuracy of a quartz watch whilst retaining the smooth tick appearance of a mechanical movement.  As the watch is a chronograph the second hand ticks when the pusher is depressed  to use as a stopwatch function. 

As I bought this on a Kickstarter campaign   I was able to choose my case size, dial colour and choice of bezel all making it much more of a personal configuration and a wonderful marketing tool.

Watch came with a signed mesh bracelet and the blue racing leather strap.  Also delivered with its own travel case which then contained two racing inspired nato straps and a springbar tool. 

If you like the look then please checkout their site here:



This is one of my first watches I bought when I first started out. I was into astronomy at the time and wanted a moonphase watch. I eventually found this one after several attempts at  trying to buy this model on eBay. It was worth the wait as this is as new condition and unworn with original leather strap. Also came in its original box.  Its a quartz watch of a small size of 35mm so it rarely gets wrist time but I do like the dial so much I cant bear to part with it.



This is a stunning retro watch made my Memostar. This is a vintage mechanical alarm watch, manual wind movement. Rumoured to have been made by Sicura however I am not 100% on this.  The watch I believe was given out to new AA members in the UK (Automobile Association) back in the 1970s.  This was the first retro watch I bought and still one of my all time favourites due to its amazing case design and dial styling. 

Alarm is a mechanism that vibrates (by a wound spring) on the case back. It sounds like a taser being discharged!

If your into retro watches then I can highly recommend sourcing a good example of this watch for your collection. 



This is a lovely example of a Ricoh watch made in Japan. Completely understated brand.  This has a very well built movement that is an automatic and hand wind.  Also has the separate day / date windows.  I bought in working condition but it just needed some cosmetic attention.  I refinished the case in both brushed and polished finish.  I then fitted a new crystal which was a bit awkward as I could not find one to fit and had to fettle with one near to the size to persuade it to fit.   I then have matched with this nice grey leather strap.  Dial has a lovely texture to it and is in as new condition.  I really like this dress watch.  

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